Smoking Gun Interactive (SGI) is an industry leading independent game development studio focused on creating revolutionary gaming experiences.  It was founded in 2007 by the award-winning industry veterans and creative forces behind Company of Heroes™. Since that time SGI has developed a wide range of games- from original IP, AAA game concepts, to mobile apps, console titles, and even immersive online experiences.


SGI launched its first original IP “Exoriare”, an immersive trans-media experience, in 2009. This groundbreaking venture was delivered through an online graphic novel, penned by award winning author Douglas Rushkoff, alongside an alternate reality game (ARG). The ARG concluded with a live radio broadcast from the moon that required the online community to collaborate with HAM radio operators to intercept.


In 2010, SGI worked closely with Microsoft to co-develop and deliver game content and technological experiences for the Kinect sensor, and the introduction of Xbox SmartGlass. SGI was able to collaborate with another world leader, NASA, to bring the Mars Rover Landing to the Xbox 360 in 2012.  A year later SGI released its 2nd IP Freefall Racers for Xbox 360 and Doodle Jump Adventures for 3DS. 


Never one to shy away from a challenge, in 2014 the talented team transformed a classic strategy IP: Age of Empires into a successful mobile and tablet game with Age of Empires®: Castle Siege. The title has consistently been one of the top grossing apps in the Windows Store since launch, and was recently released on iOS with great success.  AoE: Castle Siege was built in Smoking Gun’s proprietary Caliber Engine that supports cross platform iOS, Android, PC, and Console development. 


The studio has launched 18 titles to date- 9 of which were in Unreal Technology, and 3 in its own proprietary engine. Smoking Gun Interactive stays true to its name by incriminating itself as a pioneer in the gaming industry through its work on innovative titles. Look for Smoking Gun’s newest IP coming in 2018.


As a company, we continue to seek and develop products that strive to be at the forefront of innovation in the interactive entertainment industry. 



Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. was founded in 2007 by award winning industry veterans and the creative forces behind Company of Heroes™, the highest rated strategy game of all time. This product garnered over 45 industry awards including 9 - Best PC Game of Year and 13 - Best Strategy Game of the Year awards.
Smoking Gun Interactive's founders collectively have over 45 years of industry experience shipping 25 products, including 9 platinum titles. 



SGI-JJ.jpgJohn has 18 years of industry experience in leadership and management positions.  Prior to SGI, he was credited with Producer & Creative Director of Company of Heroes. John joined Relic Entertainment as the first producer of a single-team studio, and spent seven years helping grow the company into a successful triple A studio. John left Relic as Director of Franchise Development to found Smoking Gun Interactive, where he now oversees the creative aspects of all the products.



SGI-DD.jpgDrew has lead the evolution of 3 different game engines over the last 15 years in the game industry. He spent 8 years of his technical career at Relic Entertainment, where he was an instrumental contributor to most of the titles shipped by the studio including the award winning Homeworld. Most notably Drew lead the engineering team that created Company of Heroes and the Essence Engine. At Smoking Gun, Drew leads the technology team and the development of the cross platform engine for mobile.



SGI-AP.jpgAngie has been delivering critically acclaimed artwork and art direction for games for 17 years. After 3 years at EA Canada and shipping 3 multi-platinum titles in the Need for Speed franchise, Angie moved to Relic Entertainment in 2000. In her 7 years at Relic, she was a key contributor and leader on multiple titles and teams. Angie was the Art Director of the studio's flagship title, the award winning Company of Heroes. At Smoking Gun, Angie is in charge of art direction of all products.