Kinect Adventures: 20,000 Leaks

Co-developed in close collaboration with Microsoft for the worldwide launch of Kinect in 2010, this title continues to ship with every Kinect sensor sold. Kinect Adventures features five mini games that each showcase gameplay and player experiences that are unique to the Kinect 'you are the controller' paradigm. 

We built the 20,000 Leaks game experience as part of the Kinect Adventures game.   

In 20,000 Leaks the player's avatar is in an underwater glass laboratory. The player must position his or her hands, feet and head to plug cracks as crabs, fish, and bosses such as sharks and swordfish cause cracks and holes in the glass laboratory. As difficulty increases, up to five leaks must be plugged at a time. The more leaks the player plugs, the more adventure pins they earn. 

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